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Welcome to The BEST place to get all those great old time radio shows we all love. Here you can find all your favorite old time radio shows on MP3 CD, MP3 DVD, and Regular Audio CDs that play anywhere.

Our Gift sets that we put together for the Holiday Season are now available. Click on the tab on the menu for "Gift Packages". Great shows, great

prices, and special packaging with gift giving in mind.

When you go through all of our shows you will notice many have been re-edited. new episodes added, and when available, higher audio quality shows. The date they have been re-edited is in the show description, and if done within the last 30 days, it will also be in our "New Arrivals" section.

EddiesOTR has long been a quality, reliable source of old time radio shows. MP3 CD, MP3 DVD, and Regular Audio CD. So, again, welcome to our site, and enjoy the shows!