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What type of discs should I get?

At we offer our great old time radio shows in 3 different types of discs. Regular Audio CD, MP3 CD, and MP3 DVD. Please read below to help you choose what type of disc to get your shows on.

1. Regular Audio CD- These are the types of CDs most people are familiar with. They play back on anything that accepts a CD, such as the CD player in your car, home audio system, boomboxes, etc. Anything that accepts a CD will play back this type of disc. Including your computer. Regular Audio CDs are great because they offer so much playback flexibility. The drawback on Regular Audio CDs is that they only play about 60 minutes of audio. Usually about one or two episodes of a series. Many old time radio listeners buy their shows on MP3 CD or DVD, but it's always nice to have a few "Regular Audio" CDs available. Just for the fact that you can play them in anything that accepts a CD, such as your car, boombox, etc.

2. MP3 CD- MP3 CDs don't have as many playback options as Regular Audio CDs. However more and more devices accept and playback MP3 CDs, including the CD player in your car. Usually if a device is capable of playing MP3 CDs, it will be marked somewhere on the device. The big advantage of buying MP3 CDs is that these types of discs are formatted to hold much more information (in our case number of shows) than a Regular Audio CDs. Depending on the file size of the show, you can fit up to 100 episodes on just one MP3 CD. ALL computers will play back MP3 CDs. In addition many listeners purchase MP3 CDs and download the shows directly onto a portable MP3 player such as an iPod. While the iPod is the most famous and best selling of portable MP3 players, many other manufacturers, such as Sony, Sansa, and others sell quality portable MP3 players for as low as $35. Please insure your playback device will play MP3 CDs before ordering.

3. MP3 DVD- MP3 DVDs hold an advantage in storage space. An MP3 DVD can hold 100s of shows! The major drawback is that MP3 DVDs have very limited playback options. Usually MP3 DVDs will only play in a computer, and some home theater players. Please check your equipment to check. Most buyers of MP3 DVDs use them to put in their computer, and then download them to a portable MP3 player. The sound quality is the same on all of the discs we sell. It's just up to you to decide where you want to listen to the shows, and what type of equipment we have. The majority of the discs we sell are MP3 CDs. However, if you're looking for a good gift for an old time radio listener, Regular Audio CDs are always nice to have around. Please insure your playback device will play MP3 DVDs before ordering.

Because MP3 CD playback is fast becoming standard on new cars, home CD players, etc., we always advise getting MP3 CDs vs MP3 DVD. You'll save a little money with DVDs, but you'll lose quite a bit of playback options.

Even if your car CD player does not play MP3 CDs, you can get a portable MP3 player, such as an iPod, and purchase an inexpensive adapter which will allow you to play in your car. If you need information or guidance on what you need to do this, please feel free to give us a call. It's quite simple, and sounds harder than it is! Keeping in mind that the holidays are right around the corner, a great gift for an old time radio fan would be a portable MP3 Player, with some shows already loaded onto it.

If you need any assistance in choosing what format to get, or have any questions, please contact us.