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We no longer offer our shows on instant downloads. to be honest it was cost prohibitive, and people with portable devices didn't want to use up so much of the memory on their devices.

We do appreciate the folks that did use our download service, and apologize for having to drop this service. But hey! You can have the discs of your favorite shows at your house in a couple of days!

You can still get the disc, and the load them to your favorite device. We use standard .MP3 format, so as long as your player uses this format you're OK to load a show or two to listen to. Some of our shows are 40MB in size, and that can use up a lot of space fast.

On the subject of downloads........Of course we want to sell discs, however, downloading MP3 files, whether it's old time radio, or anything else, can be risky. Below is a screenshot taken from Yahoo search. The same site had no warnings on Google search, and as you can see it had the "OK" button from Norton. However Yahoo's search security picked up on it.

I have redacted the name of the site, but it showed up on the first page when using the search phrase 'Old Time Radio'. Just be careful out there!