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Eddies Old Time Radio ( is a long time seller of the best shows in old time radio. We offer a wide variety of those great old time radio shows in all genres, Westerns, Detective & Crime, Adventure, WWII, Juvenile, etc. We have it all! updates all the shows we offer on a constant basis. If we run across an episode of higher audio quality than currently offered, we immediately re-edit that show. Most times only one or two shows at a time are changed, but it's always a change for the better.

There are other retailers of old time radio shows, maybe some with a fancier website, etc., but we feel we offer the the best shows for you, our fellow old time radio listener. Although there are a couple of things we do that sets us apart, one of the biggest, and important to many listeners is the discs themselves. All of our discs, whether CD or DVD are commercial grade discs with a glossy retail like finish. Our cover artwork is unique to each show,and the cover artwork is relevant to the show being offered. It may be a picture of one the stars, a sponsors ad, etc., but it's always associated in some way to the series.

We get many compliments on the professional appearance of our discs. They are all printed using Primera commercial disc printers, no home office printer jobs here! The finish on the disc is glossy, and smudge proof. We DO NOT use any type of adhesive label, thermal printing, or Matte finish discs such as those sold at Staples, etc. So for the same price, and many times lower, than other retailers, you'll get a quality product you'll be proud to own, or give as a gift.

Our investment in these commercial printers has paid off, as we have sold tens of thousands of discs over the years. Our products are also sold in retail locations using private branding. This, in addition to our constant updating has made Eddies the place where 1000s of listeners get their radio shows from.

Our inventory is huge, but we don't inflate it with shows that weren't popular when aired, and are not popular now, just to make us look bigger. We carry the top 400-500 shows. If there's something special you want, but don't see it, pop us an email. We most certainly have it, and will add it to our inventory if there's a request.

In addition, almost every show we sell is available as an MP3 CD or DVD, but also as Regular Audio CDs. The kind that play anywhere. When you purchase a show, you'll see the option to get it as an MP3 product, or as Regular Audio CDs. If you do purchase Regular Audio CDs you'll see in the show description how many are available. We keep track of all Regular Audio CDs sent out. So if you order some now, and some later, you won't get duplicate episodes.

We also offer a wide selection of seasonal, or Holiday shows. During the Holidays, especially Christmas, most radio shows had special episodes. These are VERY popular, many people who don't normally don't listen to old time radio shows will buy these. These discs are usually Regular Audio CDs that can play anywhere, and make great listening while you're trimming the tree, cooking a turkey, wrapping presents, etc.