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Welcome to Of course our main goal is to get great old time radio shows into the hands of our fellow listeners, but we also want you to be able to do this as fun, quick, and pain free as possible. With that in mind, we have instituted some changes to our site. All of the below are from feedback that we have rec'd from both old, and new customers. A big note though:

We have lowered the prices on all of our discs by .50 per disc, however to make this happen we are now shipping all of our discs in paper sleeves, rather than the cardboard sleeves with labeling. The discs themselves have not changed. Still commercial quality with a high gloss, waterproof, and smudgeproof graphics. If we offer a product in "gift" packaging, or in binders, those will stay the same.

1. By the end of July, will restart our old time radio podcasts. On our home page, you can listen to some of our older podcasts. Listen live and listen to some previous podcasts. We'll be doing about 5 shows per week, at different times of the day. If you click on the "Blogtalk Radio" logo on the top of the listening control panel, it will take you to our blogtalk home page, where you can sign up and get notifications about new and upcoming podcasts.

It was fun to do before, but at that time we really didn't have the time and resources to put out heart into it.......Well, now we do!

2. Our site is now completely set up for purchases from mobile platforms, such as phones, tablets, etc. All with the same level of security as you would with your home laptop or desktop.

3. We no longer put sample episodes of each series on our site. There are a few factors why:

  • has a earned a reputation for offering the best audio quality radio shows available.
  • Almost 20% of our customers purchase using mobile devices. Downloads slow up the process for mobile customers, and many mobile devices use different formats such as flash, MP3 download, etc.
  • Our usage stats showed most people didn't listen to them anyways!
  • If we used flash downloads, the sample shows would download with the page automatically. If we used .MP3, you could have the option to download or not. But again mobile users do not always have the storage or wanted to use the bandwidth up with their device. In addition, whenever you download ANY file, .MP3 or not, your IP address is usually exposed.
  • Many of our customers do not have high speed internet, or have limited bandwidth usage if they use satellite internet access.
  • If you really need to hear a sample, just email us, and we'll email you back with an . MP3 file attached. please feel free to ask if you need it, it only takes us a second!

4. Speaking of security, etc., you no longer have to Register, and make an account to purchase. This is still an option, but is not required. But there are benefits of registering:

  • We occasionally offer special offers and discounts that are only available to our registered customers and those on our email list.
  • If you register, and then make an order, you can always check on the status of your order, such as "In Production", "Shipped", etc.
  • When you make another order, you will not have to re-enter your shipping information.
  • You can also keep your payment info stored if you wish. It's OK, we are very secure, but that's up to you.
  • You can also view both your present and past orders.

4. Everything is in one place. For each show listed you can order as Regular Audio CD, MP3 CD, MP3 DVD, whatever format, or option is available for each show. Just use the drop down menu that we have for each show, and you'll see all available options. If you are ordering Regular Audio CDs you'll also see how many are available in that series. It will be in show description.

5. CD Gift Packages- Over the last few years we custom made gift sets, which usually contained 10-12 discs, and were then shipped in a CD binder, with cover artwork. Starting October 10th, we'll have a separate section "Gift Packages" which will contain about 15 or so of our most popular sets. These packages will be available in both MP3 CD, and Regualr Audio CD.
We produce these packages using private branding for some retail outlets, and Amazon as well. However, the lowest price will be here on this site.

6. Last, but not least! As many established customers know, here at Eddie's, we don't mind helping you out if you can't figure out how to download to an MP3 player, how to make audio copies, etc. All we ask is that you email us your phone number with a good time to call.

It is very difficult to handle problems such as those above via email. We can usually figure things out in 5 minute phone call. We'll do the best we can, but there are 100s of different types of equipment, software programs, etc available today. Many of which we are unfamiliar with, or don't have access to. But again, we're pretty proficient with this kind of stuff, and if we can help you, we will. This help is only available to our customers!

7.'s the last one! We want to thank all of our great customers and fellow old time radio fans. Your loyalty, and our commitment to bringing you the best in old time radio has made us the company we are today. So Thank You!

If you have never ordered from us before though, give us a try! We're committed to high quality audio shows, great looking discs, great selection, fast shipping, and the overall enjoyment of listening to great old time radio shows.

In a nutshell, all the changes we have made are meant to make it easier, quicker, and more fun to shop at Eddies. If you feel we can do anything better, let us know. We're here to serve our fellow old time radio listeners, and to help promote this great form of entertainment. Listening to old time radio shows is fun!
Looking around and buying them should be a fun experience as well.

This page was last updated on Sep 2, 2016