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Effective as of July 15th, 2015, all discs will be shipped in a paper CD sleeve. While many people did like the cardboard sleeves with labels, this type of packaging was adding too much to the cost of the disc. As you may have noticed, we just reduced the prices of ALL of our discs to reflect these savings.

I know some collectors like to have some type of safe storing of their favorite old shows. But if you shop around you'll find many different CD binders and cases at reasonable prices.

The only exception to this new packaging will be if we offer a particular set in a CD binder, which we occasionally do.

We hope you like the new simpler, and less expensive packaging.

It's very hard to illustrate how glossy the discs we use. But they are High Gloss commercial grade, and are smudge proof, and waterproof as well. A beautiful product! The discs themselves have not changed.