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1. Shipping & Handling....How much and how fast?

Our shipping and handling charges start at $1.99 for US orders, and US order $50 or more gets FREE standard shipping & handling. The most any order shipped to the US will be $2.99. We do offer an upgrade to expedited shipping, which is USPS Priority Mail, which is $5.99, regardless of order size.

All orders $15 or more will receive a tracking number. Most order leave our facility within 48 hours, depends on what time of day we get your order, usually it's next day. EddiesOTR is located in beautiful NW Michigan. Packages sent using Standard SH usually arrive 3-5 business days after leaving our warehouse. Expedited SH usually takes 2-3 days.

The prices for shipments to Canada have gone up significantly due to a recent determination that Disc shipments are considered a "Rigid" item, and have to be shipped at a package rate. The price for Standard SH to Canada is $5.99. When you get your package, the postage will be shown, and you'll see that we charge very closely to actual cost of postage. Typically, packages arrive about 7 days after shipment. It all depends on Customs.

2. What Forms of Payment Does Eddies Accept?
Visa, Master Card, Discover, and PayPal. Our site and shopping cart is secured with Secured Socket Layering (SSL), which encrypts all data sent. We are also a Volusion Verified Merchant. We are also an Authorize.Net verified Merchant.

Process Credit Cards

We also accept Mail In orders. If you use this payment method, you have 2 choices:

Check- Use if paying by check. When you click this, the order is placed and you will then be given address to send check. does not usually hold checks for clearance, however we do reserve that right.

Money Order- (M.O)- Use if paying by Money Order, when you use this option, you'll get the address on the next page that pops up. Money orders are treated the same as Credit Cards, your order will ship immediately.

3. What is the level of audio quality on our shows? Our shows are as good as any available. Please bear in mind that any "defects" or "flaws" in the show are from the source media. While most of the shows available in old time radio are pretty good, some of them were recorded almost 80 years ago, and most "newer" shows were recorded about 55 years ago. The quality and techniques are not what we are accustomed to today. If a show is very bad or excellent, it will be noted in the show description.

If nothing is noted, then that means the show is acceptable and enjoyable to listen to by old time radio listeners. We maintain a fairly high standard for audio quality, but again, the source material may not be the best. You may ask why we sell shows that we know the quality isn't very good. And again, in this case, if a show is considered Sub Standard, we'll make sure it's in the description, and show highlights section. Occasionally we do, clearly marked.

The reason is for the historical significance of the show, and for fans of that particular show or actor who are happy to have any recordings at all. If you order Regular Audio CDs of a show, we "cherry pick" the best episodes for that CD. That is why you will see some shows on MP3 CDs which could have 15 Regular Audio CDs available, but we only have 10, that's just because we don't want to send out Regular CDs that are not the best of quality.

4. What is the level of disc quality and graphics?
Here's where Eddies really shines. We don't use any home made or adhesive labeling. We use commercial grade Glossy CDs and DVDs. Our artwork is unique to each show we offer, then the discs are printed using commercial Primera disc printers. Our discs are beautiful and we receive many compliments on them.

The cover artwork is unique for each show, and usually it's a graphic of one of the shows stars, sponsors, or some other type of graphics relevant to the show. If you order Regular Audio CDs, usually the name, and/or airdate of the show is on each disc. There are many resellers of old time radio shows, but NO ONE else can match the audio or graphics quality of our products. You'll be proud to own, or give as a gift!

5. Returns or exchanges. We are more than happy to exchange any disc that is defective. Due to the nature of the products we sell there are no returns for refunds, or exchanges for other shows. Please insure your playback device is capable of playing MP3 CD's and MP3 DVD's. However we use standard MP3 format, so there usually isn't any problem. MP3 DVD playback is usually a bit more touchy. Audio CD's are guaranteed to work on any CD player. Sound quality varies greatly in old time radio shows, what one person may not like, another would find perfectly acceptable. Our shows are of the best quality that is available, but some shows are VERY old, and not of the quality of today's recording standards. Any burps, skips, static, etc. is inherent to the original media source and is not grounds for refund. Once an order is placed there are no refunds. There are no refunds for unused portions of Gift Certificates. The balance remaining can be used at any time, and they NEVER expire.

6. What if I have a problem during checkout, or have a question that needs to be answered before I order? Please email us, and let us know how we can help. We try to keep "normal" business hours. But, being an internet based business, we may come in at 2AM, to start getting orders ready! No matter what we do check our emails periodically through out the day, and will answer in a timely manner.

8. Why do some shows not have a listing of all episodes? We have reliable show, and or episodes lists for most of our shows. A while back we changed our hosting service. However, during the changeover episode listings did not all transfer, we are getting them back on, if you need episode listing for a show and it isn't on yet, email us, and we'll email you an episode listing, or make it the next update on our site.

The are a few shows that won't have show lists. In the hobby of collecting and listening to old time radio, one of the most contentious topics is the proper naming, or the proper titles of shows. There are a few diligent groups of old time radio researchers and historians who have taken on this task. And within their own ranks many times they cannot agree on the proper title, or airdates of many shows. To avoid conflicts or misinformation we have put the list of episodes on a few shows. Shows that we feel confident that all title and airdate information is accurate. We maintain episode listings in house, and they're pretty accurate. If there is ever a show that you would like the list of episodes, please email us, and we'll send you what we are using as an episode list.

9. I Have an MP3 Disc that has repeat episodes, why is that? Repeat episodes are very common in old time radio. Sometimes there are episodes for AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Service) that are the same, although slightly different, from episodes aired in the U.S. Sometimes shows just reused the same show. As an example, in the series "Suspense" one show was re-used 7 times! It's just part of the hobby. Regular Audio CDs will not have repeat episodes, just MP3 CDs. And that's if there is room on the Disc. If putting duplicate episodes on would mean adding a disc to the set, we'll not put repeats, or re-scripts in the collection.

10. Can I buy your discs at a wholesale price? Yes, if you are a re-seller, or own a store and wish to carry our products please email us. Please be advised that we will not discuss and/or quote any prices unless you supply verification, and meet minimum order requirements. You may have picked up one of our CDs at a retail or gift store, and not even realized it! Because we use commercial CD printers we are able to do 'Private Labeling' for re-sellers.

11. Why the change to the new site, and what about sample shows? Our our goal was to make your shopping experience not only more efficient, but fast and fun as well. We know that not all of our customers have high-speed internet, and/or fast computers. Our new host, Volusion, uses a CDN network, which in a nutshell, makes our website load up to 60% faster than before. In addition, having samples of all of our shows, such as we did on our old site, made it load even slower. So we made the decision to drop the show samples. The sample shows would load onto the page whether you wanted them to or not.

A couple of other factors that contributed to this decision was that Eddies is known throughout the old time radio community as having the best quality episodes available. In our many years of doing business, we have had only a handful, if that, of customers who were dissatisfied with show quality. We spend many hours a week searching for more, or higher quality episodes of all shows we offer. And if we feel that a show doesn't meet a reasonable standard of quality, it will be clearly stated in the show description. In addition, many of our customers use smart phones and tablets to order, and having MP3 files is not recommended for some devices.

12. Why should I buy from Eddies? EddiesOTR is fast becoming the favorite source for all of those old great radio shows! There's a few reasons for that....

* Selection- We offer a giant collection of all the favorite old time radio shows. We don't inflate our inventory with obscure shows, or series that only have just a handful of episodes. If you want them though, we got 'em. Just let us know, and we'll get it for you. Instead we've concentrated on bringing you the biggest and best selection of the favorites. Our collection is 2nd to none, but we just don't want you to spend your time wading through shows that no one wants to buy. If there is a show you want, but do not see it listed, contact us, we'll respond immediately with the number of shows available, and how many discs the series consists of. This will not add any additional time to receive your order. Again , we don't want you to have to wade through a list of 1000 shows, half of which are not popular, or only consist of a couple of episodes.

In fact, with the changing of our website, we have reduced the number of shows available! This just helps you get what you need, where you need it faster.

* Fast Shipping- We promise to get your order out within 48 hours. But about 95% of our orders go out next business day. If you order early in the morning, it could go out same day. Our SH charges are reasonable too! For US orders shipping starts at $1.99-$2.99, depending on size of order. Orders over $50 ship free to US. Orders outside the US will be added a shipping surcharge. When you get your package you'll see that our SH prices reflect pretty accurate prices. We also offer USPS Priority Mail expedited shipping.

* You Can Talk To A Real Person! Well....sometimes! From Oct 1st through Jan 31st we keep our phone lines open, and during that time the phone number will be displayed on our home page. See #6 above.

* The BEST looking discs! By far our old time radio CDs are the best looking available. We use Primera Bravo 4100 Automated Printers (We now have 3 of them!) and they produce commercial grade CDs that you'll be proud to own, or give as a gift. All of our discs are printed using hub-to-edge discs, which combined with our custom graphics for each series, and upgraded retail packaging, make for a great looking product. We also only use Premium Grade Gloss Finish CDs for a great look. We DO NOT:

Use homemade adhesive labels from an inkjet printer
Use "thermal" printing, which is black printing on a plain silver disc.
Use "generic" labels with the same label for each show, just changing show name.
Use low quality discs made on an inkjet printer.

* All of our shows are available on either MP3 disc, or regular audio CD. If you're not sure what the difference is, please click on the "Type Of Disc" tab at the top of the page. We offer most every episode of every series we sell on regular audio CDs. The price of a disc is the same whether it's an MP3 disc, or Regular Audio CD.

*. Low prices. All of our discs are now Premium Gloss finish. they are reasonably priced starting at $4.99 per disc, Premium Gloss DVDs are slightly higher. There are couple of other companies that do what we do but none of them offer premium hub to edge printing, full disc artwork exclusive to the show, or the Gloss finish discs that we do. Our competitor prices run from a flat $5.00 to $7.00 per disc. We offer a great value! Once you receive one of our products, you'll see the value associated with it! We hope this helps you understand the pride we take in manufacturing and retailing old time radio shows.

* We suggest you sign up for our mailing list. We occasionally have sales, put specific products on sale, or offer Extra Savings on certain products. Mainly around the holidays. We have priced our products to be an every day low price. Rather than rely solely on promotions, we feel that the occasional sale, makes the "Every Day Low Price" concept easier, and fair to all.

We are in the business of providing high quality radio shows, on great looking discs. We're concentrating on providing a quality product to you, our fellow old time radio fans.